This blog post was made in sponsorship with Bartell Drugs and Kokie Cosmetics and all my opinions are my own.

Kokie at Bartell Drugs – Kokie Cosmetics – Bartell Drugs – Drugstore make up

Even though we’re a few weeks from the official day of summer, it feels like summer in Seattle and it’s amazing! I’ve been enjoying the sunny skies and warm weather. And I’m excited to freshen up my summer make-up routine.

This month I’m teaming up with Bartell Drugs to share some of my favorite make-up essentials from Kokie! Kokie launched at Bartell Drugs this month! Before I jump into what products I’m using, who is Kokie?

Meet Kokie Cosmetics:

Founded in 2015, Kokie (also pronounced co-key) is a full line cruelty free cosmetics brand. I recently learned that the word “Kokie” derives from the Korean word for elephant. Kokie represents being bold and beautiful.

Kokie offers everything from brushes, to brow powder, and liquid lipstick. Additionally, Kokie also offers make up brushes, travel bags, and nail polish – all at affordable price points.

Kokie at Bartell Drugs – Kokie Cosmetics – Bartell Drugs – Drugstore make up
kokie at bartells

Why I’m excited about Kokie at Bartell Drugs

As a grad student at the University of Washington, I stop by University Village and Bartell Drugs at least once a month. I’m usually picking up a prescription, browsing through the snack and gum aisle, and then walking through the cosmetics aisle.

Bartell Drugs is usually a one stop shop for me – especially as I’m running errands, running to class, and running to campus to work on group projects. I’m excited that I’ll be able to pick up make-up essential from Kokie like liquid lipsticks and make up brushes at Bartell Drugs without breaking the bank each time!

Here are 4 Summer Make-Up Favorites from Kokie at Bartell Drugs

The Powder Contour Palette

contour palette - kokie cosmetics

This is my first contour palette ever and I love it! I was excited when Bartell Drugs sent this over in my Kokie package. I’ve always wanted to try a contour kit but never took a chance on it. While I enjoy make-up, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert. I’m a woman on the go and I try to keep my make-up simple.

I think I’ve avoided contouring because 1) it seems really intimating to me to learn how to contour and 2) it also seemed time intensive. I literally turned the palette over to read the directions of where to use the three highlight and three contour shades. I was surprised how smooth the powder formula went on and that it lasted all day! Plus, this contour kit is only $15!

The Liquid Lipsticks

Kokie at Bartell Drugs – Kokie Cosmetics – Bartell Drugs – Drugstore make up

Liquid lipsticks are one of my favorite things to wear! I love adding an everyday lip color I can work to work and on the weekends. These liquid lipsticks went on smooth and they’re currently in my purse! Kokie’s Kissable liquid lipsticks are $6 a piece and come in 31 shades.

Brow Pomade Gel

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I fill in my eyebrows every single day. I fill in my eyebrows even if I’m running super late to work and don’t have time to put on mascara or foundation. I fill in my brows because I think they help frame my face.

I was gifted the brow pomade gel in 816 dark brunette. I think this brow gel did the job filling in my eyebrows and I liked how it was highly pigmented. My eyebrows also last all day – literally a full day of work and a 4-hour grad school class on Tuesdays.

The Brush Set

kokie brush set – Kokie Cosmetics – Bartell Drugs – Drugstore make up

I was so excited when Bartell Drugs sent a whole brush set from Kokie. I personally always struggled with finding what brushes to use and end up asking my sister what brushes to buy next. I loved the angled eyebrow brush and the round blush brush. Both these brushes made it easy for me to fill in my eyebrows and use the contour kit!

Have you picked up Kokie Cosmetics at Bartell Drugs yet?

liquid lipsticks at bartells
Kokie at Bartell Drugs – Kokie Cosmetics – Bartell Drugs – Drugstore make up

Thank you for reading!


Photos: Karya Schanilec