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Last December, I decided that I would finally start using Pinterest. Karya and I were on Whidbey Island and I admitted to her that I hardly used Pinterest. She told me that I needed to convert to a business account and that I probably should start utilizing the tool.

So while we were hanging out in our Airbnb, I changed my Pinterest to a business account and made it a 2019 goal to use this platform more.

Pinterest Tips for Beginners – how to use Pinterest – ways to improve your Pinterest – how to build your Pinterest

In June of 2019, 6 months after I made a commitment to using Pinterest, my Pinterest is driving ~700,000 monthly views, ~33,000 people are engaged monthly, and I have 1,130 followers. In December I had maybe 30 followers and was driving around 17,000 monthly views a month.

Additionally, Pinterest drives 85% of my social traffic (40%
of my traffic comes from social) while Instagram drives only 5% of my traffic.
My Pinterest consistently outperforms Instagram. So while there’s a lot of
attention on Instagram, Pinterest and Google Search bring in the most traffic
to my blog.

Today I wanted to share 6 things I did to improve my
Pinterest account. If you’re looking to step up your Pinterest game, this blog
post is for you! I literally had no idea that the little things I’m about to
share mattered – but these tips do make a different.

6 Pinterest Tips for Beginners

Coyles Bakeshop - Emmas Edition - Seattle Blogger

Pinterest Tip #1: Convert Your Pinterest Profile to a
Business Account

If you’re a blogger or influencer trying to build up your
brand, it’s helpful to see the business analytics for Pinterest. I specifically
use the analytics to see which my top performing pins are. I also pull the
monthly views and monthly engaged users’ numbers to include them in my media

 Pinterest Tip #2:
Commit to Pinning Every Photo from Your Blog Post

One thing I learned about Pinterest is that Pinterest loves fresh, original content. And prior to December and January, I was NOT pinning all of my blog photos to Pinterest. Looking back, I realize that this was a mistake. I should have ALWAYS pinned all my photos from my blog post to Pinterest.

Rich Pins Example

I wrote How to Look Good in Photos: 8 Tips You Can Use in December 2018. I made sure I pinned every single photo from that blog post. I pinned one photo that I thought was cute but didn’t think it was any different than the rest of the photos, but this pin has done incredibly well on Pinterest. This pin continues to drive traffic to my blog!

Pinterest Tips for Beginners – how to use Pinterest – ways to improve your Pinterest – how to build your Pinterest

Pinterest Tip #3: Pin Both Original and Repinned Content

I try to spend at least 2-3 times a week pinning 10-20 pins that
don’t come from my blog. Sometimes I’m searching for city or travel information
(I save this info to my Travel
Bucket List Edition board
). Other times, I’ll browse through other
peoples/friends’ boards and repin their photos (You can click on “Following”
next to the “Home” button and see what other people have pinned!).

I’ve learned that repining other people’s content helps you
get seen by those people. When you repin someone’s original pin, that person
gets a notification. They may check out your profile and boards after they see
you’ve repined their photo.

I know this because I actively check out who repins my
photos. I’ve discovered and followed new Pinterest accounts from people
repining my content.

Pinterest Tip #4: Join Group Boards

I had no idea what a group board was until December of 2018.
The first group boards I joined was Fashion
Bloggers We Love
. Since then I’ve joined a handful of group boards I
pin to at least once a week.

Why should you join a group board? One benefit of joining a
group board is that there’s a group of people who are actively pinning and
repining. You are sharing and giving your content a chance to be seen in front
of people who are engaged with Pinterest.

Secondly, joining a group board can help build your audience
on Pinterest. Group boards have helped me find new accounts to follow and new
accounts have found me to follow!

Pinterest Tip #5: Enable Rich Pins

I had no idea what a rich pin was until this year… According to Pinterest, a rich pin gives you extra information directly on the pin. The four types of rich pins are: article, recipe, product, and app. Personally as a blogger, my rich pins are almost always an article. An article pin shows a headline, my blog URL, and story description.

Pinterest Tips for Beginners – how to use Pinterest – ways to improve your Pinterest – how to build your Pinterest

Above – you can the first few lines of my blog post linked to this pin!

Pinterest Tip #6: Set Up Your Profile – Fill in Your Bio

When I first started using Pinterest last year, I didn’t
have my bio completed filled out. I quickly learned after a few Google Searches
that not having your bio filled out was not helping me in anyways. Pinterest is
a search engine and screens all the content in your profile for SEO/key words.

By filling in your profile, you’re telling Pinterest what type of content you produce and telling your audience what type of content they should expect from you. Personally, I include my mission statement and what type of content I like to share:

Pinterest Tips for Beginners – how to use Pinterest – ways to improve your Pinterest – how to build your Pinterest

There you have it friends – the 6 Pinterest Tips for

What are your tips for beginners on Pinterest?

Pinterest Tips for Beginners – how to use Pinterest – ways to improve your Pinterest – how to build your Pinterest

Thank you for reading!



Photos: Karya Schanilec