Happy New Year friends! I swear I just wrote and shared my 2019 Blogging Goals just yesterday but it’s now time to share my 2020 goals for Emma’s Edition.

2020 blogging goals – blog goals – how to set blog goals for 2020

Before I jump into 2020 goals, here were my 2019 goals:

  1. Focus more on Pinterest – I achieved this goal!
    I’m driving between 800,000 – 1 million monthly impressions on Pinterest.
  2. Focus on IGTV – I didn’t achieve this goal… I
    did create a few IGTVs but videos have been a challenge for me to consistently
  3. Test my blog post publishing frequency – I ended
    up testing if I should post less on my blog, but I realized that don’t want to
    decrease my blog publishing frequency because writing makes me happy. Writing
    has always been one of passions and I realized I needed my time to write multiple
    times a week.
  4. Create more travel content – I achieved this
    goal! Brandon and  I traveled to the
    Philippines and Japan this past summer. I’ve also taken more blog trips to
    create more Instagrammable Places guides!
  5. More career/finances content – I achieved this
    goal! I’ve shared my New
    Year’s Money Resolutions
    and tips
    on managing college finances
    on BECU’s page.

Here are my 2020 Blogging Goals for Emma’s Edition:

2020 blogging goals – blog goals – how to set blog goals for 2020

Goal #1: Drive 100,000 monthly page views on Emma’s Edition

In 2018, I drove 10,000 monthly page views. In 2019, I drove
between 40,000-47,000 monthly page views. In 2020, my blog goal is drive
100,000 monthly page views on Emma’s Edition.

I plan on continuing to write and publish 2 blog posts a
week. My social strategy is to also share my blog posts across all my platforms
– Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and email more
than once.

Goal #2: Reach 50,000 followers on Instagram

In 2018, my goal was to reach 20,000 followers. In 2019, I
reached 30,000+ followers. And in 2020, I’m aiming to reach over 50,000
followers on Instagram.

I plan on continuing to post every day and I’m currently re-thinking my community building strategy. I dabbled with creating my Close Friends Group but I fell off creating content for that group after I graduated in June.

Emma;s Edition - Scottsdale Arizona

Goal #3: Launch a podcast with my friend Maddy!

Surprise! Maddy and I are launching a podcast this year. We
want to share our content creation/blogging lessons and tips with you all!

We’re still in the process of figuring out branding, how to
get on platforms like iTunes and Spotify, and what microphone to order… But we
have SO MUCH CONTENT we want to share and have learned over the past few years
of blogging.

I’ve loved listening to podcasts over the past few years so
I’m excited to step into the podcast world with my friend Maddy!

Goal #4: Create more travel content

In 2019, I traveled and created content for all these
amazing cities:

Most Instagrammable Places in Scottsdale

of Boston’s Most Instagrammable Places

Francisco’s Most Instagrammable Places

Most Instagrammable Places in New Orleans

Most Instagrammable Places in Portland, Oregon

In 2020, here’s what’s on my travel bucket list to create Instagram guides:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Los Angeles/Orange County, California
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Austin, Texas
  • Washington D.C.
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Portland, Maine

I’m also open to other cities so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

The Mercantile - Scottsdale - Emma's Edition

Goal #5: Embrace video – IGTV and TikTok

TikTok wasn’t on my radar until about 2 months ago. I feel
like TikToks are less formal and scripted than IGTV. You’ll find fun dances, duets,
and other fun videos on TikTok. I’m trying to not overthink this new platform,
but I am trying to figure out my way around it. I hope to solidify TikTok as
part of my social strategy by the end of 2020.

IGTV – I’m carrying my goal from 2019 into 2020 to do 1-2 IGTVs a month!

Goal #6: Start back up my monthly newsletter

I’ve failed two years in a row to create a consistent newsletter. I know email marketing is an essential part of a business and I haven’t done it at all… In 2020, I’m going to send out a monthly newsletter – even if it’s just a recap of the blog posts I published that month!

There you have it friends – 5 of my major 2020 blogging goals for Emma’s Edition.

The Mercantile - Scottsdale

What are your blogging goals for 2020?

Thank you for reading!



Photos: @madcrayy