Surprise! My friend/co-host Maddy and I have teamed up to launch the Content Creatives Podcast. We’re both Seattle bloggers and content creators and we’re so excited to share tips and lessons we’ve learned creating content and building our brands online.

emma and maddy - seattle content creators

What is the mission
for the Content Creatives Podcast?

Our mission for the Content Creatives Podcast is to empower
creatives to discover, grow, and own their brand. We want to help other
aspiring content creators to figure out who they are and how to build their
presence and brand.

Why are launching the
Content Creatives Podcast?

Personally, I’ve been sharing my blogging journey since 2017
on Emma’s Edition. As I’ve shared my outfits, I’ve also shared how I’ve figured
out how to drive traffic to my blog and built and engaged Instagram audience.
I’ve also discovered my passion for sharing the most Instagrammable places,
posing tips, and overall content creation tips over the last few years.

I’ve loved listening to podcast and loved the idea of launching a podcast one day.

But as I finished my master’s degree, got engaged, and started wedding planning, I wasn’t sure I was ready to start another channel in my life. But this past December, Maddy and I were shooting for our 12 Days of Christmas series for our Instagrams/blog. Maddy said she would love to start a podcast one day and I encouraged her to do so.

She suggested that we team up and start a podcast. We chatted about what topics we could talk about on the car ride to and from Leavenworth. And we decided that content creation is a passion we both could talk about for hours.

emma and maddy - seattle content creators - seattle podcast host -new podcast

Why content creation? Why share the journey of building our brands in the influencer world?

Maddy started out as a photographer before she entered the influencer/Instagram world. Her strengths are around photography, editing, and photo shoots. (You’ll have to listen to Maddy’s podcast episode to learn more about her!)

I didn’t start out with photography or modeling. I started my blog Emma’s Edition my senior year of college because I was going to start my career in corporate America and I wanted a space to write and share my love of fashion. As I figured out that I loved finding and sharing Instagram worthy places and posing tips, I’ve also realized over the years that my business skills have helped me become a better content creator.

What type of content will you see on the podcast?

We’re going to be sharing everything from planning out photo shoots, to how to batch content, and recognizing your worth and value as a content creator.

emma and maddy - seattle content creators - seattle podcast host -new podcast

What podcast episodes are available now?

Teaser: The
Content Creatives Podcast

Episode 1: Introducing Emma: Co-Host on
the Content Creatives Podcast

Episode 2:  Introducing Maddy: Co-Host on
the Content Creatives Podcast

Episode 3: Finding Your Brand

Episode 4: How to Balance a Full Time Job & Create
Content for Your Passion (coming soon!)

Episode 6: How to Plan for a Photo Shoot (coming soon!)

Where can you find the Content Creatives Podcast?

Our podcast is available on the iTunes Podcast, Spotify,
Tune In, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher!

Where else can you connect with us?

You can also find us at Instagram and Facebook!

emma and maddy - seattle content creators - seattle podcast host -new podcast

What podcast topics do you want us to talk about next?

Thank you for reading!