Are you a content creator or influencer trying to figure out how to navigate covid19 and the Stay at Home/Shelter in Place Orders? Me too! Here are a few ways I’m adapting as a content creator during the pandemic.

adapting as a content creator during the pandemic - adapt as a content creator

I’m on week 9 of social distancing/working from home and Washington State has extended the Stay at Home Order until the end of May. I usually create content outside, with friends, out and about in Seattle. I usually write blog posts at coffee shops and I usually am looking for the next trip and next city to explore. But since the global pandemic hit, life has changed. While I’m thankful I’m able to work from home safely and my loved ones are healthy, my life as a content creator has had to grow and adapt.

indoor photo shoot ideas - living room photo shoot

Here are the 5 Ways I’m Adapting as a Content Creator During the Pandemic

1.Creating indoor photo shoots + self portraits

One of the biggest ways I’m adapting as a content creator is by setting up my own indoor photo shoots. I finally ordered a backdrop support stand and a bed sheet to set up indoor photo shoot in my living room. I’ve also relied heavily on my camera, tripod, and phone to snap my photos.

Prior to the Stay at Home Order/social distancing, I worked with blogger friends and photographers to shoot content for my blog and Instagram. I’ve always outsourced photography and still prefer to run my blog and business that way. But since the Stay at Home Order has extended through the end of the month, I plan on continuing to set up my own photo shoots at home.

Here are a few indoor photo shoots I’ve set up at home:

Indoor Photo Shoot Idea: Magazine Collage Backdrop

Indoor Photo Shoot Idea: Newspaper Backdrop

adapting as a content creator during the pandemic

2. Since I’m not looking for Instagrammable places, I’m finding new ways to create interesting photos.

A big part of my brand and blog is finding beautiful, Instagram worthy places in Seattle and every city I visit. I love finding cute coffee shops, colorful walls, and restaurants in every city I visit and sharing where these places are.

Since I’ve cancelled all my trips for the foreseeable future and my apartment building isn’t Instagram worthy, I’ve had to think about new ways to be creative. Self-portrait photography is really a new medium for me. I haven’t taken this many self-portraits ever in my life. But I’m having fun using magazines, newspapers, and even post it notes to add some color and creativity to my photos!

magazine collage photo shoot - indoor photo shoot idea

3. I’ve tried a quarantine-friendly car photo shoot

Last month, Maddy saw a TikTok video where a photographer and friend met up and did a car photo shoot. They maintained social distancing and were able to capture unique car shots.

We decided to try this last month. I was so excited to see the photos turned out! It looks like I’m about to go on a wild road trip when in reality we were shooting in front of Maddy’s apartment building.

Are you a content creator or influencer trying to figure out how to navigate covid19 and the Stay at Home/Shelter in Place Orders? Me too! Here are a few ways I’m adapting as a content creator during the pandemic - photo shoot ideas during quarantine - stay at home orders - creative photo shoots for social distancing

4. I’m producing less blog post content

Up until March, I was producing at least 2 blog posts a week. But since we’re all staying at home and haven’t been traveling, I’ve slowed down my number of blog posts. My new goal is to produce one blog post a week.

I’m trying to be more thoughtful about what type of content my audience wants at this time. Since my audience isn’t traveling like me, all my travel related content has taken a dip. But we’re still publishing one podcast episode a week and it seems like the demand for our podcast has remained steady. We actually hit 5,000 downloads last week!

5. I’m resharing old content again

I look back at last spring and am blown away by all the things I got to do. I got to go on my first Kenmore Air seaplane ride, visit the Chihuly Glass Museum WITHOUT any people inside to take photos, and take photos of the tulip fields in Skagit Valley. I’m having fun revisiting old photos and sharing them with my feed again. I’ve also noticed that those travel photos are performing really well – I must not be the only one imagining myself in a flower field or seaplane ride again!

 How have you adapted during the pandemic?

living room photo shoot - indoor photo ideas

Thank you for reading!