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It’s been a while since I’ve given a wedding update on the blog. The global pandemic has shaken up our lives and it’s taken some time for us to adjust to a new work-from-home/Stay-at-home lifestyle. My fiancé Brandon and I have been thinking about whether or not we should move forward with our fall wedding. And we’ve decided to postpone our 2020 wedding.

Our original wedding date was planned for Saturday September 26th 2020. But we’ve decided to move our wedding out to Friday May 21st, 2021.

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Why chose to postpone our fall wedding:

We’re on Phase 1.5 of 4 Phases of the Washington State Corona Virus Safe Start Reopening Plan

The county we live in just approved social gatherings with no more than 5 people outside of each household. By Phase 3, social gatherings increase to 50 people or less. And in Phase 4, there is no limit to the number of people who can gather together.

We potentially could be in Phase 4 by the time our fall wedding arrives. But if we aren’t at Phase 4, we’d have to limit our wedding party to 50 people or less. We personally want our 200 wedding guests to celebrate with us on our big day.

We want our wedding guests to feel comfortable traveling to the Northwest

Over 50% of our wedding guests will be traveling from out of town/out of state. We have friends and family invited all over the country – including California, New York, Hawaii, and Texas. We personally don’t feel comfortable traveling out of state right now and we don’t know how everyone will feel by fall. Everyone might feel okay to travel… or they might not if a second wave of covid19 hits in the fall/winter time.

We’re hoping that pushing the wedding out to next spring 2021 will give the travel industry sometime to sort out their plans on keeping airplanes and airports cleans. We also hope that our wedding guest will feel more comfortable traveling next year.

I haven’t been wedding planning these last few months

When the pandemic hit the Seattle area in March, wedding planning went out the window. I could not get in the right head space to make decisions about center pieces or flowers as I saw weddings get cancelled or postponed left and right (plus seeing the economy take a dive, people lose their jobs, etc.)

Fall Wedding 2020 is Postponed - covid19 bride - covid bride - covid weddings
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How I feel about rescheduling our wedding:

I felt so relieved when we finally decided to move out the wedding. I was feeling stressed about trying to get back into wedding planning. All of our friends and family were also understanding to our decision to move out our wedding.

Now we have 11 months until our new wedding date and I’m excited to get back into wedding planning!

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Thank you for reading!

Now that you know our 2020 wedding is postponed, I’m excited to share wedding updates through the end of the year and beginning of 2021.



Photos: Holly Phan

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