After 4 years of building Emma’s Edition on the side, I’ve decided to take my blog full-time. I knew it was time because I also got laid off my full-time job in aerospace.

taking my blog Emma’s Edition full-time - full-time blogger - how to take your blog full time

After 6 years in the aerospace industry, I received my lay-off notice at the beginning of July. I spent at least 4 weeks this summer crying every week trying to figure out what I was supposed to do next. My lay-off noticed informed me that my last day at the company was going to be at the end of August.

As I informed previous managers, directors, and teams, I was offered 3 other job opportunities around the company. But as I really thought about taking those other roles, I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. Instead of being excited about these other roles, I cried some more. I intuitively knew that my time at my former company needed to come to an end.

My original plan was to leave my former company next summer.

My former company had paid for my Master of Communication Digital Media degree and I was required to stay at the company for at least two years. My two-year mark would have been June 2021. While the decision to leave the company wasn’t in my original timeline, I also knew it was a part of my destiny. And I would have chosen to leave anyways.

While might sound crazy to turn down full-time employment in the middle of the pandemic, I knew deep down it was time to focus on Emma’s Edition 100%.

Here’s how I knew I was financially, emotionally, and mentally ready to take Emma’s Edition full-time:

taking my blog Emma’s Edition full-time - full-time blogger - how to take your blog full time

I had met my 2019 financial goal of building a 6-month emergency fund

My side blogging side hustle had allowed me to turn my 3-month emergency fund into a 6-month emergency fund. When I received that lay-off noticed, I knew I was going to be financially unaffected. I had automated my savings and I had a financial safety net to fall back on if needed.

I had paid down my student debt (I have $8,600 to go woo!)

I graduated in 2014 with $30,000+ in student loans. In the beginning of 2019, I still had $19,000+ of student debit I needed to pay off. I’ve paid off just around $10,400 over the last year and half. I’m confident I can still work towards paying down my student debt – even with just my blogging income.

taking my blog Emma’s Edition full-time - full-time blogger - how to take your blog full time

I have the full support of my fiancé, family, and friends

Brandon, my parents, my friends – everyone I’ve talked to immediately told me it was time to go full-time when I told them I was being laid off. I knew it was time and every single person in my life also knew it was time.

When I first brought up the idea of taking Emma’s Edition full-time to my parents two years ago, they were shocked that I would even consider it. Coming from a family of immigrants, stability was one of the most important things my family strove for. When I first came to my parents about leaving my corporate job that produced 2 paychecks a month, a 401k, and full benefits, they were not enthused.

But this past year, my parents (and the rest of my family and friends) saw how stressful my job was and how much it was affecting my physical and mental health. I was so stressed out in my job this past year that my blood pressure was elevated and had to be monitored by my doctor. In fact, it was at my company’s complimentary on-site screening in November 2019 that a nurse caught my high blood pressure and immediately recommended I see my doctor.

When I told my parents about the other job opportunities I was offered, I was still distraught. My parents comforted me and told me that it was okay that I walk away from the company and take a break. Even if I didn’t have their full support, I would have chosen Emma’s Edition over those other opportunities. But the truth is, it was really nice to have my parents encourage me to also choose Emma’s Edition too.

I’m thankful that they were supportive in my decision and process of taking my blog Emma’s Edition full-time.

I broke my burnout cycle this spring and knew something had to change

My last role had me in a really bad burnout cycle – I was crying and breaking down every 4-6 weeks. It was too much to deal with a stressful 9-5, a podcast, wedding planning, and blog.

Ironically, in the middle of the pandemic is when my blood pressure returned to normal. I didn’t have to deal with the stress the day to day interactions from my previous manager and team. Not having to commute for over 2+ hours a day also allowed me to get my running routine back and break my burnout cycle.

I realized that even if my team asked us to go back into the office, I would request to work from home. And luckily, working on my blog allows me to work from home!

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So what’s next for Emma’s Edition?

I’m truly to excited for this chapter in my life. I truly feel called to be creative. I feel called to connect and to build my own business. Here’s what’s coming up next for Emma’s Edition:

My first course: How to Negotiate (Paid) Brand Collaborations launched this week. Sign up for email list to get a $20 coupon code off the course. You can also get a preview of the course here.

My monthly newsletter: I’ll be sharing life updates, social media tips, and creatives to watch!

& Hopefully more Content Creatives Podcast content!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this personal story of taking my blog Emma’s Edition full-time.



Photos: Holly Phan