Are you looking for a dreamy dress or ball gown for an upcoming photo shoot? Here are a few places to find gowns and dresses.

Cascade Mountains - Winthrop Washington - Evening dresses – long evening gowns – gowns and dresses for your next photo shoot – unique evening gowns – image from – copyright @emmasedition

There’s an emerging trend on Instagram and TikTok for dramatic gowns and dresses for photo shoots. Maybe it’s shows like Bridgerton or maybe it’s just being in the pandemic that’s inspiring us to get dressed up whether we leave our house or stay inside. Whatever is driving this trend towards formalwear and costume, I’m here for it.

Whether you’re a content creator/influencer looking for your next gown to dress up in or you’re just looking for a birthday dress for a birthday photo shoot, this blog post is for you!

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Whether you’re shopping for a low flowy dress for an engagement shoot or a short party dress, I hope this list of resources helps you find what you need.

Here are 4 places to find gowns and dresses for your next photo shoot.

1.Rent the Runway

As a content creator and influencer, I’m always looking for new trends and pieces to shoot in. Rent the Runway has been perfect for refreshing my wardrobe and allowing me to wear designer dresses I wouldn’t normally buy or splurge on. (The dress below is from Rent the Runway!)

Rent the Runway dress - Evening dresses – long evening gowns – gowns and dresses for your next photo shoot – unique evening gowns – image from – copyright @emmasedition

I highly recommend considering a Rent the Runway membership. I’m personally on the two swaps a month plan or 8 pieces rented per month. Some of my favorite dresses you’ve seen on the blog and Instagram have been on Rent the Runway.

Designers and brands like Love Shack Fancy, Staud, Rhode, and Cleobella all have pieces available to rent. These exact dresses aren’t on Rent the Runway, but you can take a look at these designer dress prices. I personally save so much money each month wearing dresses like this – but not actually purchasing them since I’m just renting items.

Rent the Runway - Evening dresses – long evening gowns – gowns for your next photo shoot – unique evening gowns – image from – copyright @emmasedition

2. Amazon

Amazon fashion has come a long way these last few years. My friend Maddy actually found this gown on Amazon and we decided to split the cost, and both shoot in the dress!

Evening dresses – long evening gowns – gowns for your next photo shoot – unique evening gowns – image from – copyright @emmasedition

Before you purchase a ball gown, a prom dress, or birthday dress from Amazon, I highly recommend reading the reviews for quality and sizing. Also check to see when the gown ships out – some of these gowns take more than a few days or even weeks to be shipped out.

Maddy and I ended up ordering a size 4 since this specific dress has a corset back. Maddy is 5ft 6in and I’m 5ft tall and typically a size 0 or 2. The dress was (obviously) much longer on me because I’m shorter than Maddy, but it was still beautiful!

3. Thrift Stores

I love finding gowns and dresses secondhand. Since ball gowns and prom dresses are usually only worn a few times, dresses tend to be in pretty good condition.

Here are a few tips for thrifting gowns and dresses for your next photo shoot:

  1. Don’t be afraid to size up – you can always tailor the dress.
  2. Look through everything – you never know what’s hidden in the racks. Sometimes dresses are put back in the wrong size section. This definitely requires some time and patience. But you’ll be so excited if you find a vintage gown that fits you!
  3. Pay attention to fabrics – I recommend looking for silks, 100% cotton, genuine leather, and even wools (for fall and winter). Natural fibers like silks look great, even over time.

One of my favorite vintage floral dresses was thrifted (featured below)! If you’re in the Greater Seattle area, I recommend checking out Value Village and Goodwill.

Value Village - Rethink, Reuse, & Recycle Reasons – Savers Value Village – fashion industry facts – the environmental impact of the fashion industry

4. Etsy

Another place to find beautiful, custom ball gowns and dresses is Etsy. I personally haven’t purchased a gown form Etsy, but I know mega influencers like Kylie Katich have found and purchased gowns from Etsy before.

What other places do you recommend finding ball gowns, flowy dresses, and dramatic dresses for photo shoots?

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Thank you for reading! I hope this list helped you find a gown or dresses for your next photo shoot!

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