It’s been a while since I’ve shared a wedding update with you guys. We have one month to go and here are the details we’ve worked out since re-planning our wedding.

Spring Wedding - Pacific Northwest Wedding - Pandemic Wedding - image from - copyright @emmasedition

I can’t believe Brandon and I officially get married in one month! After over a year and a half of being engaged, we’re ready to get married. Our original wedding date was September 2020, and we postponed our wedding until May 2021. With our wedding just around the corner, here are a few of the major wedding updates we’ve made in the last four months.

May Wedding Update:

Spring Wedding - Pacific Northwest Wedding - Pandemic Wedding - image from - copyright @emmasedition

We cut down our wedding guest list from 200+ to 14 immediate family members.

We made the decision to switch to a more intimate ceremony at the very beginning of year. We went from a 200+ person wedding to a 14-person micro wedding (17 people if we include our photographer videographer, and wedding planner).  

To be honest with you guys, I was sobbing at the start of the year. It finally hit me that we couldn’t have our friends and extended family at our wedding. In January 2021, we truly had no idea where the vaccine rollout would be in Washington State and the rest of the country. We wanted to still celebrate with our parents, siblings, and our brothers-in-law/sister-in laws at our wedding.

Even though we won’t have our friends and extended family at the wedding, we’ll be sharing lots of videos plus a wedding video after the wedding.

We finished our wedding registry.

We debated putting together a registry since our wedding was going to be so small. But ultimately, we decided to put one together since we had friends and family asking for one. The items I’m most excited for on our registry include new stainless-steel knives, Crate & Barrel serving set, and a house remodel fund.

We’re hosting a Filipino family party/couple’s wedding shower before the wedding.

Since my aunties, uncles, cousins, and cousins’ kids/nieces/nephews won’t be at the wedding, we’re excited to host them over for a family party before the weekend of the wedding. With a majority of my family already vaccinated or in the process of getting their vaccines, we feel comfortable hosting family at our house for the first time. A majority of my family still hasn’t seen our home that we moved into at the end of last summer.

We’ll have traditional Filipino food like lechon (roasted pig for special occasions) as well as BBQ. I’m still looking for a local caterer and we still need to pick up fold out tables and chairs.

We’ve picked out our wedding bands.

Brandon found his wedding band on Manly Bands. I hadn’t even heard of this website before until Brandon started shopping for his wedding band. I found my wedding band at Fred Meyer Jewelers. Since Brandon purchased my engagement ring at FMJ, we thought it would be nice to go back and find a matching wedding band. Additionally, I also ordered my wedding earrings from Fred Meyer Jewelers.

Spring Wedding - Pacific Northwest Wedding - Pandemic Wedding - image from - copyright @emmasedition

There you have it friends! I hope you enjoyed the May wedding update. Thank you to Jillian Joy for lending the Tadhana Maria Clara wedding dress to Jenny Roso Photography. You’ll be seeing more photos of this gown during AAPI Heritage month in May.