Figuring out how to build a community and set a strategy and a content plan for your blog, TikTok, YouTube Channel, Instagram, and other social platforms is hard.

When you’re first starting out, you don’t know:

  • Who you’re trying to attract
  • How you’re supposed to attract them
  • How to build an audience with meaningful content
  • What content you should be creating
  • What content your audience wants to see

Build an Engaged Audience with Your Content Plan & Strategy is here to help you learn how to consistently create great content that builds your audience.

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Who is this course for?

This course is primarily for influencers, content creators, and small business owners trying to figure out how to build an engaged community online.

If you’re feeling lost about who you should be attracting for your audience…

If you’re feeling confused about what type of content to attract your community…

If you’re feeling ready to build your audience and get clear about your plan and strategy…

This course is for you!

Whether you’re brand new to content creation or you’ve been doing this for the last few years, it can feel daunting to build an engaged community online.

How will this course help you?

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1.Create your brand strategy

If you need help outlining your mission statement and identifying your goals, this course will walk you through that. Plus, you’ll go through an exercise to identify your content pillars and niches. If you’re having a hard time niching down, spend some time in this section.

2. Create your audience strategy

Once you’ve outlined your brand strategy, outlined your mission statement, and selected your content pillars, you’ll dive into identifying your audience. You’ll create your marketing persona and complete a few exercises and lesson plans I did in grad school that changed the way I saw my audience.

3. Shares the types of content you can create for your audience

Next, you’ll dive into the different types of content and the content examples you can create for your audience. You’ll see the breakdown of content types: informational, educational, and more.

4. Build your 7 day and/or 30-day content plan

If you’re struggling creating content consistently, this 7-day or 30-day content plan exercise can help you overcome this challenge. Consistency builds community. You’ll take your content strategy and your audience and lay it out in a plan that is tailored for your brand.

5. Teach you how to do an Instagram audit

After you’ve laid out your strategy and your plan, you have to measure what’s working and what’s not working for your audience. Learn the step by step of performing an Instagram audit. You’ll see my real-life example of doing a content audit (screenshots of my analytics) and the elements I look for.

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Why did I create this course?

When I first launched Emma’s Edition in 2014 during my senior year of college, I had no idea what I was doing. I was posting maybe once a month on my blog. But to be honest, my focus was on graduating and starting my career in corporate America. I didn’t start taking my blog seriously until 2016. I made a decision that I would learn everything I could about building your blog and Instagram.

After building Emma’s Edition the last 5 years and a master’s of digital media degree, I’ve figured out a solid content strategy and plan for my blog and Instagram. I realized that everything I learned in my undergrad in business, my master’s program, and the last 5 years of trial and error taught me how to build an engaged audience with a clear content plan and strategy.

Even as algorithm’s have changed and the influencer industry has matured, my audience and my business has steadily grown:

2016: 8% engagement rate, ~2,000+ followers

2017: 6% engagement rate, ~13,000+ followers

2018: (established a clear content plan & strategy during grad school)

4% engagement rate, ~22,000+ followers, $10,000 brand deals

2019: 4% engagement rate, ended the year with ~29,000+ followers, $40,000 brand deals

2020: 5% engagement rate, ~39,000+ followers, $120,000 brand deals

2021 Goals: 5% engagement rate, ~50,000+ followers, revenue target: $200,000

Even as a microinfluencer (under 100K), I’ve realized that creating and executing a robust social media content plan and strategy consistently has allowed me to build an authentic, engaged audience. I know what works, I know what doesn’t work for my audience.

My intention for you after taking this course is for you to understand who your target audience is and have the confidence to lay out and execute on your content plan and strategy. My intention is that you’re able to improve your content plan and build your community as a creator.

My course is available for purchase. Visit Build an Engaged Audience with Your Content Plan & Strategy to purchase the course!

Course testimonial from @nikkagabrielle

“Even as a creator that’s been making content for a few years now, I’ve still learned so much with Emma’s course, Build an Engaged Audience with Your Content Plan & Strategy. Emma really dives deep on how to narrow down your branding and how to create content that serves your audience. 

One of the most essential parts of the course was how to give myself a content audit. I think many creators continue with their regular posting schedule without taking the time to analyze how they’re actually doing. Emma does a great job on explaining what to look for and how to use the data you find to help continue improving your content!

This course helped me prepare the exact strategy to implement to stay consistent and engaged with my audience and branding and grow as a creator!”

– Nikka Gabrielle, YouTuber:

Spring dresses - rent the runway dresses - spring style - summer outfit ideas - summer dresses - copyright @emmasedition

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