Are you getting married this year or next year? Here are 5 wedding tips to consider before your big day.

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As a 2020/2021 bride who just got married, I want to say congrats to all the couples who were married and are planning their weddings this year. It was not easy navigating wedding planning during the pandemic. Personally, I dealt with a lay-off after 6 years working in the aerospace industry and Brandon and I also purchased our first home this year.

We also decided to downsize from 200+ person wedding to 14 immediate family members. We changed our wedding date three times, booked a completely venue, and booked a secondary venue for First Look, family portraits, and wine tasting. We replanned a completely different wedding. Luckily, our wedding day smoothly and according to plan. So I wanted to pass on some wisdom to any couples looking to get married either in 2021 or 2022.

Here are 5 wedding tips for 2021-2022 couples:

wedding tips for brides and grooms - wedding tips for couples - wedding planning advice - tips for wedding planning -

Wedding Tip #1: Consider using vow books

Brandon and I decided we wanted a no-phone ceremony. We wanted to be able to focus on each other and we wanted our families to focus on the ceremony. Since we decided to have no phones, we took our friends’ advice and opted for vow books.

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Pros of using vow books:

  • You don’t have to worry about losing a piece of paper or holding up your phone.
  • You can save your vow books. It’s something you physically had, touched, and read from your ceremony. If your sentimental (like me), choosing vow books might be great choice.
  • Lastly, purchasing vow books ahead of time allows you and your partner to think about, plan, brainstorm, and write out your vows. Brandon and I wrote out our vows in our vow books. But I’ve also heard of other people writing out their brainstorm and their favorite memories in their vow books.

If you choose to have vow books, I recommend either having your day of coordinator, wedding planner, or designated family member or friend bring them up when the time is ready.

Wedding Tip #2: Create and send out an agenda for the big day

Even though Brandon and I had a micro-wedding, we had two main venues we went back and forth at. We stayed at Willows Lodge, had our ceremony and reception at Willows Lodge. And we did our First Look, Family Portraits, and wine tasting after the wedding at Chateau Lill.

To make it easier for my family, I designed an agenda on Canva and sent it out to everyone. That way, everyone has the schedule. This was extremely helpful. Since everyone knew the agenda and locations, no one was lost on the big day.

Wedding Tip #3: Don’t forget to eat breakfast!

Weddings are long days. If you have a day wedding, chances are you’re going to need to get ready much earlier. Personally, my hair and make-up started at 7am and our wedding day finished by 7pm.

If you have a large wedding party, your entire group of bridesmaids and groomsmen need to get ready. Then, you might be taking photos all day, have the ceremony in the afternoon, and have the reception at night. It might be a while before you can eat! Even if you just grab a breakfast sandwich or muffin, having something to eat will ensure you have enough energy for the day.

Wedding Tip #4: Put all your wedding essentials in one bag

One thing I’m so grateful I did was place all my wedding essentials in one bag. I put my:

  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding accessories
  • Polaroid camera
  • Band aids, safety pins, extra bobby pins, mints,
  • And our wedding license in this bag

Having a designated wedding tote bag was so helpful! I gradually packed and placed things in this bag as I got them. If you want to get organized as your big day approaches, I highly recommend getting a wedding tote bag!

I’ve heard of couples needing to turn back around because they forgot something important. You probably want to avoid that for your wedding day – you’ll already have a lot to think about as you prepare for this major life event. Save yourself the worry and the stress. Pack ahead of time and just throw those wedding essentials to one designated bag. If you want to see a breakdown of my wedding accessories, also check out: My Wedding Accessories & Essentials for the Big Day.

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Wedding Tip #5: Take 5-10 minutes with your partner to soak it all in

One piece of advice I heard from multiple couples is to take 5-10 minutes to let it all soak in. Your wedding day goes so fast. You’re going to want to take even just 2 minutes with your partner to take it all in. Brandon and I personally took a 10 minutes after we signed our marriage license to have our moment together.

There you have it friends. Just 5 wedding tips for couples! There are so many things to consider for your wedding but these 5 things really helped me and my husband have a great wedding.

What other wedding tips do you have for 2021 or 2022 couples?

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