Are you thinking about being an influencer? Are you wondering if it’s time consuming being a content creator?

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As a full-time content creator, I’ve learned that you can decide how much time you want to dedicate to your career or creative side hustle. You can work as much as you want, and you can determine the pace of your work.

Every influencer and creator will have a different answer for the question: “Is it time consuming being a content creator?” because each person has different goals, priorities, and platforms they create content for. I’m sharing my own perspective and experience as an influencer who balanced content creation as a side-hustle and as a creator who’s taken it full-time.

Influencer insight - tips for new influencers - how to get started as an influencer - content creator tips - tips for new content creators -

Balancing Blogging with a Full-Time Job &More

Prior to getting laid off at the end of last summer, I worked full-time in the aerospace industry and would work an additional 15-20 hours a week on Emma’s Edition. I balanced the last 6 years of my aerospace career with my blog, Instagram, and attended graduate school full-time from 2017-2019. My goal was to eventually take Emma’s Edition full-time, so I was motivated to build my community and gain the confidence to earn money as an influencer.

At the height of working full time, attending grad school, and balancing Emma’s Edition, I was easily working over 80 hours a week. I was able to keep my side hustle going as I used Emma’s Edition in my homework assignments and class projects. I received my master’s in communication in digital media so having my own blog and creative online space was helpful as I could directly apply my learnings in the classroom to real life.

If you’re looking to balance your full-time, school, overall busy schedule with a side-hustle, I recommend checking out:

Influencer insight - tips for new influencers - how to get started as an influencer - content creator tips - tips for new content creators -

Taking Content Creation Full-time

Today, I create content full-time. I got laid off at the end of last summer and I shared my story of taking content creation full-time last fall. I write and publish blog posts, record, and produce two podcast episodes a week, send out weekly email newsletters, create courses, and post consistently on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest. I shared a full breakdown of my Sunday-Saturday schedule on: My Weekly Schedule as a Full-Time Content Creator.

I can easily fill a 40-hour week just creating content, filming short form videos, and negotiating and working with brand partners. During the holiday season, I’m easily working 40-60 hours a week since Q4 is my busiest season for brand partnerships.

As an influencer who has diversified across multiple social media platforms, a blog, and a podcast, I can always find something to do and something I can be working on. For example, I shared in my Q2 2021 Update for Emma’s Edition that building consistency on TikTok and growing our podcast community are two goals I have for Q3.

For TikTok, I can be filming and editing videos under my three content pillars of fashion, content creation, and lifestyle:

  • Outfit and style videos
  • Local places, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. around the Greater Seattle area
  • Posing tips
  • Influencer tips

The time filming and editing isn’t including the time to research, plan, and visit places or brainstorm content creation (influencer tips, posing ideas, etc.) videos ahead of time.

Candor Coffee - Greater Seattle Area - Coffee Shops in Seattle - Emma's Edition

Prioritizing Balance & Well-Being

Since I’m in the business of creating and producing content online, I could technically work 24 hours a day because the internet never turns off. But I’ve learned that I’m happier if I’m living a balanced lifestyle. I’m happy I can train for half marathon, walk my dog, journal in the mornings, and take breaks if I need to. I’m able to prioritize my health and well-being because I’ve been on the complete opposite spectrum where I was extremely burnt out and unhappy.

I was breaking down and crying every 4-6 weeks as I balanced my full-time job, a podcast, blogging, and planning for a wedding between mid-September 2019-April 2020. I dealt with high blood pressure for almost a year as my stress levels skyrocketed. Going into lockdown during spring of the pandemic ironically allowed me to regain control of my schedule and prioritize my health.

I knew once I got my running routine back and I had time to unwind and relax, that no matter what I did for my career, I need to maintain a healthy balance of work and life.

Do you think it’s time consuming being a content creator?

Thank you for reading!

Love, Emma