Are you planning a senior photo shoot or a blogger photo shoot soon? Here are 10 field photo shoot poses you can try.

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Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, taking photos in a field is one thing I love to do. In the spring, I’m frolicking through tulip fields. In summer, I’m dancing in lavender fields. And in fall, I’m taking photos in tall grassy fields in Seattle. If you’re looking for field photo shoot poses or field aesthetic photo shoot inspo, this blog post is for you.

Here are 10 field photo shoot poses you can try

Pose 1: Part the grass with your hands

One dynamic way to create a photo is to part the grass with your hands. I raised one knee and pretended to part the grass and I looked off and away from the camera.

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Pose 2: Sit in the field (mermaid style)

If you’re looking for a way to mix in the levels and show the height of the grass, I recommend sitting down in the field. If you sit down mermaid style, you can show off your shoes.

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Pose 3: Sit in the field (lean back, shift your weight to your arms)

If you’re looking for a way to show off your boots or your favorite pair of shoes this fall, you can sit down on the grass. I recommend shifting your weight to your arms and slightly leaning back.

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Pose 4: Lean against the fence

If you’re field photo shoot has a fence nearby, I recommend interacting with the fence to create more dynamic shots. You can lean against the fence and look away from the camera.

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Pose 5: Run away from the camera

One way to create movement in your field photo shoot is to run away from the camera.

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Pose 6: Put one foot on the fence to play up posing

Another way to interact with the fence (if there is one in the field, you’re taking photos at) is to put one foot on the fence. You can play around with leaning back or playing with your hair.

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Pose 7: Lean back

If you’re looking to create an aesthetic, Pinterest type of field photo, I recommend leaning back, closing your eyes, and turning your head to the sky.

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Pose 8: Add a leg swing

If you’re a former gymnast or dancer, I would recommend incorporating a leg swing into your field photo shoot poses. This pose is much easier to do if you’re able to hold a fence.

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Pose 9: Use your arms to frame the shot

If you’re standing in the middle of the field, one way to create a more interesting photo is to frame the shot with your arms. Try raising one arm and extending the other arm towards the camera.

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Pose 10: Step one foot towards the camera

This is an easy pose. You can lengthen your frame and look taller in photos when you step one foot towards the camera.

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Have you ever posed in field before? What other field photo shoot poses do you have?

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