With 2022 just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about new goals you want to set as a content creator. There are so many ways to grow as a creator. Here are a few ways you can set some intentions and define growth as a content creator or influencer.

5 Ways to Define Growth as a Content Creator or Influencer - 2022 Influencer Goals - Influencer Tips - www.emmasedition.com

“Growing” as a content creator and influencer means different things for different people. Some people view growth as a follower number and others view growth as a mastery of skill. It’s important to define growth as a content creator so you know what you’re working towards and what your priorities are for the year.

Here are 6 years you can define growth as a content creator:

1.Financial goals – Meeting your revenue targets

One way you might define growth in your brand and business is meeting your revenue targets. Many fortune 500 businesses, small businesses, and content creators define growth with monetary value in mind.

If you’re interested in determining your financial revenue goal for the first time, I recommend checking out my course: How to Set Goals for Your Brand & Business.

Personally, I track my revenue goals year over year. As I become more confident in my ability to earn money as a creator and I become an expert in working with brands, I know I can set bigger and bigger financial goals as a creator.

2. Diversifying your platforms

Another way you might define growth as a content creator is expanding your brand by diversifying your platforms. In previous years, I made blogging goals to expand to Pinterest and learn the basics of SEO. I knew Pinterest and ranking in organic Google Search would be great ways to diversify my brand and reach new audience members.

In 2022, you might have your eyes set on developing and cultivating your YouTube channel. Your dream might be to create long-form video content around your passions of cooking, beauty, or home décor.

Or you might have a goal to launch your own podcast. You want to own a platform and channel outside of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And you want to be able to publish content without the interreference of changing algorithms.

Developing new platforms takes time, research, and energy. If you’re on the Sprout stage as a content creator, you’re probably already balancing an existing platform. You know how much time and effort it took to develop your first platform. I would recommend being patient with yourself and giving yourself an entire year to figure out a new platform.

If you aren’t sure what stage you’re at as a content creator, I recommend checking out Content Creator Life Stages.

5 Ways to Define Growth as a Content Creator or Influencer - 2022 Influencer Goals - Influencer Tips - www.emmasedition.com

3. Expanding your revenue streams

Aside from expanding your brand, your goal might be to diversify your revenue streams as a creator.

Here are a few examples of expanding your revenue streams as a creator:

  • (Digital product) You have identified that you’re interested in launching your first course.
  • (Physical product) You have figured out that you want to launch a cookbook.
  • (Physical product) You are interested in designing your own planner or home organizing kit.
  • (Events) You are interested in hosting workshops in your city.
  • (Digital product) You’re ready to bring on podcast advertisers onto your show.

Like developing a new platform, figuring out how to make money as a creator takes time, research, and energy. Choosing to sell your first product or service your audience might be a huge undertaking.

But you’ve identified that growth means expanding your revenue streams so you’re going to dedicate significant time and energy in doing so.

4. Expanding your audience

One of the most common ways people determine growth is the number of followers they have. I would challenge you to think about expanding your audience with more intention than just the number.

Here are a few leading questions to ask yourself if you’re wanting to expand your audience:

  • Do you want to develop a deeper relationship with your audience?
  • How do you want to develop a deeper relationship with your audience?
  • Who is your target audience? What type of content do you need to make to attract that target audience?

The truth is if you focus on diversifying your platforms you will naturally expand your audience. It’s productive for you to think about what type of content your target audience is going to respond to on your designated platforms.

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5. Mastering your skills as a creator

In addition to expanding your audience, growth as a content creator might mean mastering your skills. Content creators wear lots of different hats and juggle skills like:

  • Photography and photo editing
  • Videography/video editing
  • Writing and editing
  • Negotiating
  • Project management

If there is a specific skill, you’re interested in developing, you might make it a goal this year to master that skill. For example, with the rise of TikTok and reels, a lot of creators are looking to develop short-form video content. Taking and editing videos is different from taking and editing photos. Videos require a different level of planning, storytelling, and entertainment.

What does growth mean to you as a content creator?

5 Ways to Define Growth as a Creator or Influencer - 2022 Influencer Goals - Influencer Tips - www.emmasedition.com

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