Are you dressing up or dressing casually this holiday season? No matter what your preference is, here are 5 holiday wardrobe essentials to mix into your rotation.

Holiday Wardrobe Essentials - Winter Outfit Ideas for Women - Winter Style - December Outfits -

There are lot of events, trips, and celebrations that happen during the holiday season. Personally, this holiday season, I’ve had several trips planned. I’m currently on my way to New York (as I write this blog post) to visit my friend Karya and shoot holiday content in the city. I’ve recently come back from a trip from Leavenworth. And when I get back from New York, I’m planning to go to a Christmas tree farm with my family.

I’ve had to pack and unpack almost every other week. And through my series of unpacking and repacking, I’ve found that I’m reaching for key items in my holiday wardrobe.

Whether you’re heading out of state or planning to watch the Nutcracker in your local city, there are many ways to dress up or dress casually. Here are 5 holiday wardrobe essentials:

Holiday Closet Essentials - Winter Outfit Ideas for Women - Winter Style - December Outfits -

Holiday Item #1: Chunky White Sneakers

One of my travel staples in my wardrobe is my chunky white sneakers. They are comfortable to walk around and since their white sneakers, they go with pretty much everything. I personally have styled my white sneakers with a satin midi skirt and cashmere sweater. And I’ve also styled my white sneakers with jeans and a crewneck sweater.

A chunky pair of white sneakers totally works for a holiday wardrobe. You can style them with your favorite Christmas sweaters, leggings, and jeans.

Holiday Item #2: Vegan Leather Pants or Leggings

One of my favorite pieces I added to my holiday wardrobe is a pair of vegan leather pants and leggings. I found a thick pair of pleather leggings from Topshop at Nordstrom. And I was gifted a pair of vegan leather pants from J. Crew this season.

You can dress vegan leather pants and leggings either up or down. I loved styling my vegan leather pants with a quarter zip sweater, Mary Jane pumps, and a dark green wool coat.

J Crew Coat - J Crew Style - Holiday Closet Essentials - Winter Outfit Ideas for Women - Winter Style - December Outfits -

You can shop my full outfit here:

Holiday Item #3: Flared Pants

Another pair of pants to add to your holiday wardrobe is a pair of flared pants. I was gifted this pair of flared pants for an Instagram partnership with Love, Bonito. I absolutely love how these fit and the split flare.

To style black leather pants casually for the holiday season, I recommend styling it with a favorite cardigan and a white pair of sneakers – or a pair of basic black or tan booties. I’ve also styled these pants with a brown jacket when I visited Pike Place Market.

Flared Pants Outfit Ideas for Women - Pike Place Market - Seattle Washington

Holiday Item #4: Quarter Zip Sweaters

If you’re looking to mix up your sweaters, I would recommend trying on a quarter zip sweater. I personally have been loving quarter zip sweaters all fall and winter long. Quarter zip sweaters are easy to layer and wear as stand-alone tops. Plus, it’s an easy trend that everyone can try.

You can find cashmere and more casual quarter zip sweaters here:

Quarter Zip Sweaters for Women - Half Zip Sweater Outfit Ideas - December Outfit Ideas - Winter Outfit Ideas

Holiday Item #5: The Shacket

If you haven’t heard of the term “shacket” before, it’s shirt + jacket combined. Shackets rose in popularity last fall, and they’ve continued their popularity through 2021. I thrifted my first few shackets, but I found a teddy shacket at T. J. Maxx. I took this shacket with me to Leavenworth.

Here are my shacket picks for this winter:

Teddy Shacket Outfit - Leavenworth WA

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