Are you thinking about staying in one of Tye Haus’s A-frame cabins? We stayed in Sky Haus in Skykomish, WA in early November. Here is a review of our 3-day, 2-night stay there.

Sky Haus A-frame cabin review - Tye Haus Cabins - A frame cabins in the Pacific Northwest -

In 2022, one place on our travel bucket list was a Tye Haus A-frame cabin. These A-frame cabins are Instagram famous. Last year, when we attempted to see available dates for one of these A-frame cabins, we were surprised that they were booked out through the end of the year. This year, we were prepared and booked our November 2021 stay back in June of 2021.

If you’re looking to stay at one of the Tye Haus a-frame cabins, I would recommend booking out 3-6 months ahead of time. Staying in an a-frame cabin is unique Pacific Northwest experience.

Here is my full review of the Sky Haus A-Frame Cabin in Skykomish, WA:

Sky Haus A-frame cabin review - Tye Haus Cabins - A frame cabins in the Pacific Northwest -

The location:

The Sky Haus A-frame cabin is in a neighborhood in Skykomish, WA. From Seattle, it’s about a 2 hour drive. The three Tye Haus A-frame cabins are all located right next to each other. You still have plenty of privacy with the trees.

Sky Haus is also near the town of Skykomish and Index, WA. If you’re looking for a spot to eat or grab coffee, there are spots along the highway and in town. I liked how this cabin was close enough to towns to pick up food, drinks, and coffee.

The space:

Sky Haus can sleep 4 people comfortably. All the beds are located at the tip of the A-frame. There is one bunk bed, one twin, and one full bed. I chose the top bunk, which is right next to the window. It was a beautifully way to wake up in the morning – with the trees just right outside your window.

Additionally, there is a full working kitchen. There isn’t a dishwasher, but there is a drying rack to dry those dishes. There is also a spacious bathroom. I was surprised how large the bathroom was for the A-frame.

The hot tub:

One of the best amenities of Sky Haus is the hot tub built into the front patio. The hot tub felt amazing!

Tye Haus Cabins in Skykomish WA

The aesthetic:

Overall, Sky Haus was a perfect A-frame cabin stay. The Pacific Northwest weather can be hit or miss during the late fall, early winter season. Even though it poured the first day and last day, we were able to have a full day without any rain. I loved the wood fire stove inside the A-frame. It heated up the entire space. I also loved how cozy it was!

We took our short stay in Sky Haus to lay out the Content Creatives Podcast 2022 goals as well as our own personal brand/business goals. It was the perfect getaway from the city and space to reflect on what we want out the next year.

Would I recommend staying here?

Yes! If you’re looking a unique PNW Airbnb experience, I would recommend staying in an A-frame cabin. It’s great spot to unwind, unplug, and relax.

Tye Haus A frame cabins in Skykomish WA

While we didn’t do any hiking or snow activities during our trip, it’s great spot to explore the Cascade Mountains and local trails.

Have you stayed in an a-frame cabin before?

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