Every year I share with you what my goals are for Emma’s Edition. I’m excited to share my 2022 Emma’s Edition goals with you!

Sweater Vest Dress Outfit - Wearing white boots and a brown hat - winter outfit ideas for women - www.emmasedition.com

2021 was the first year I started the year as a full-time content creator. It was my first year experiencing all four seasons creating content for Instagram, TikTok, my blog, and podcast full-time. I was so excited to hit my 2021 revenue goal of $200,000. And I also look back and realized that I missed one of my major goals – to become more consistent and build community on TikTok. Personally, I love reflecting back on the previous year and dreaming about what my New Year is going to look like for my creative career.

In 2022, I’m dreaming big. For the longest time (between 2016-2020), I dreamed of taking content-creation full-time. I was able to realize that dream after being laid off my corporate job at the end of summer 2020. So in 2022, I’m dreaming about the next step of my creative career.

Goal #1: Write my book and pitch it to a publisher

One of my major goals in 2022 is to write a book for aspiring influencers and content creators. I know exactly the topics I want to cover in this book. I’m a few chapters in and I’ll be working on my pitch deck for the book this quarter.

One of the biggest reasons why I want to write and publish a book is because it’s been a lifelong goal of mine to be an author. I started my blog in 2014 because I was passionate about writing, fashion, and style. And I’ve built my creative career by writing captions, podcast episodes, blog posts, and cultivating a community online with my words, thoughts, and actions.

Another reason why I want to write and publish a book for people interested in becoming content creators is because I know people are looking for an all-inclusive guide that shows them what they need to do to get started. I would have loved a book about how to become a blogger or creator back in 2014 when I started. I want to provide a great resource for anyone looking to build their brand and community online.

Sweater Vest Dress Outfit - Wearing white boots and a brown hat - winter outfit ideas for women - www.emmasedition.com

Goal #2: Pitch and host a TV show

One of my biggest stretch goals that I’ve set so far in my career is to pitch and host a TV show. I want to showcase the best photo spots in each city I visit for millennial and gen z travelers. As a creator, I’m always looking for the best photo spots in each city I visit. I’ve built my blog over the years by creating Instagram city guides like:

I want to create a travel show around the best photo spots because there are a million travel shows out there, but NONE are focused on the best photo spots on each city. I truly believe this travel show would work well for millennial and gen z travelers who look to capture memories during their trips with photos and videos.  

The first I’ve taken this year towards this goal is relaunching my YouTube channel to showcase that I can talk comfortably on camera and be a great TV host!

Goal #3: Bring in $350,000 in revenue with Emma’s Edition

I set a financial goal every year for my creative career. Last year, I set and surpassed by $200,000 revenue goal. In 2022, I’m raising my rates and accepting the same number of partnerships so I can focus on my first two goals. I’ve gotten the handle of working 4-6 brand partnerships a month and am confident that I can meet this financial goal at the end of the year.

Sweater Vest Dress Outfit - Wearing white boots and a brown hat - winter outfit ideas for women - www.emmasedition.com

Goal #4: Continue to cultivate the Content Creatives Podcast community

Last year, we hit our 2021 goal to drive 10,000 downloads per month with the Content Creatives Podcast. We also met our goal to bring on our dream guests like Kim the founder of Selkie, Isabella Sun the founder of Short Story Box, and Aliyah the founder of Sugar Doh.

In 2022, my goal is to continue to build deeper relationships with my community through the podcast. My intention is to continue producing two podcast episodes a week that directly answer our audiences’ questions. I’d also like to start experimenting with local Seattle meet ups for our audience.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my 2022 Emma’s Edition Goals!

What are your goals for 2022?

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