Are you consistently setting and measuring your goals as a creator? If you’re an influencer or content creator who wants to meet their 2022 goals, here are a few tips on how to measure yourself alongside your goal.

How to measure yourself alongside your goals as a creator - goal setting tips - tips for setting New Year's Goals -

Step 1: Set the goal + why you want to achieve your goals

Before you can measure yourself to your goals, you must set your goal. Depending on what content creator life stage you’re on, your goals might look like:

  • Diversifying your brand across new platforms
  • Diversifying and opening new revenue streams
  • Developing a deeper relationship with your audience
  • Mastering your skills as a creator

I recommend writing down and laying out your goal and identifying why you want to meet those goals. Your reasons why you want to meet your goals might look different from your creator friends, but here are a few examples to help you:

  • I want to diversify my brand across new platforms because I believe my target audience also exist on Pinterest (or YouTube, or whatever platform you pick).
  • I want to diversify my revenue streams by selling courses because I believe I have the experience to teach my audience how to do x, y, or z.
  • I want to be confident in my ability to take and edit my own photos because this is a clear passion and interest of mine.
How to measure yourself alongside your goals as a creator - goal setting tips - tips for setting New Year's Goals -

Step 2: Decide how often you want to measure yourself

One mistake influencers and content creators make is that they set their goals at the beginning of the year and never look back at their goals. While you’re setting your annual goals, I recommend also determining how often you want to measure yourself to your goal.

  • Do you want to measure yourself at the start of each quarter?
  • Do you want to revisit your goals at the end of each month?
  • Do you want to check in with yourself once a week?

My tip for building this new habit of measuring yourself to your goals is to schedule a date with yourself. Maybe you decide that during the last Saturday of every month, you take yourself to your favorite coffee shop and you reflect on how last month was for you.

If you find that you want accountability in measuring yourself to your goals, I recommend either hiring an influencer coach or finding a content creator friend who can help keep you accountable.

How to measure yourself alongside your goals as a creator - goal setting tips - tips for setting New Year's Goals -

Step 3: Once you’re measuring yourself on a consistent basis or schedule, ask these questions:

  • What was my original goal?
  • How am I doing towards that’s goal? Am I on track, behind, or surpassing the goal?
  • Why I am performing the way I am? Do I have time to dedicate to my goals?
  • What have I learned working towards my goals?
  • Do I need to rework my goal? Or reevaluate what I need to do? Do I need to switch directions?

The first two questions of this reflection exercise might be easy to breeze through. The real reflection begins when you start asking about why you’re meeting or not meeting your goals. If you find that you’re behind or not meeting your goals, you can ask why you aren’t meeting your goals. Are you off track because of a life event? Are you falling behind because your focus has been elsewhere? And does that goal still make sense for you?

Aside from figuring out your schedule and life circumstances are you’re working towards your goals; you can also ask yourself if you need to switch direction. You might find halfway through the year that you aren’t having fun trying to sell presets. You might find that you have a new interest in potentially creating your first course.

While goals are here to help us build our brands, master our skills, and expand our audiences, they also can change. We aren’t just businesses, we’re human. And our interests, priorities, and goals can change as we grow.

I hope you found these 3 steps helpful in measuring yourself alongside your intentions and 2022 goals.

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