This blog post was made in collaboration with 9 Elements and all my opinions are my own.

Clean House for the New Year - 9 Elements Partner -

I love entering a New Year with a clean house. I love having the dishes cleaned, the laundry done, and the bathrooms cleaned. Having a clean home makes me feel good to step into the New Year. This year, I’m partnering with 9 Elements to share how we’re keeping our home clean.

If you haven’t heard of 9 Elements before, 9 Elements is made of 9 simple and effective ingredients. 9 Elements is supercharged with the power of vinegar and helps fight against hard water (water that contains dissolved minerals). 9 Elements vinegar powered products helps you clean your kitchen, bathroom surfaces, fabrics, and more.

One way I’ve prepared for the New Year with 9 Elements is with: 9 Elements Liquid Dish Soap.

One chore I take care of every single day is the dishes. I can’t stand walking into the kitchen in the morning and seeing a sink full of dirty dishes. After Brandon and I have dinner and we watch our shows, I always take care of the dishes before we head to bed that evening. I’ve been taking care of our dishes with 9 Elements Liquid Dish Soap. The dish soap dissolves hard water spots and cuts through the grease.

Besides being vinegar powered, it is also plant-based and made without any synthetic fragrances. Personally, I love the smell of both the eucalyptus and lemon scents! The dish soaps are made with 100% essential oils.

You can pick up 9 Elements at Target. Plus, you can get 15% off the liquid dish soap and 15% of the Multi-Surface Cleaner using Circle offers in the Target app from 1/16-1/30.

How are you keeping your home clean in the New Year?

Thank you for reading about how I’ve prepared for the New Year with 9 Elements.