In 2021, I met and surpassed my $200,000 revenue goal. 2021 was my first year as a full-time content creator and I negotiated and secured over $200,000 in brand collaborations. This is my second year in a row bringing in 6-figures as a microinfluencer.

One of the biggest ways I’m able to negotiate high paying brand campaigns as an influencer is because I understand what I can charge for in brand campaigns. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that you can increase your rate as an influencer or creator to accommodate the statement of work brands asks for. If you’re wondering what you can charge for in brand collaborations this blog post is for you.

5 things you can charge for in brand collaborations - influencer tips - how much to charge as an influencer -

Here are 5 things you can charge for in brand collaborations:

You can charge for the number of deliverables

The more posts, stories, reels, etc, the more you can charge. Some influencers will bundle a few Instagram stories with an in-feed post in one rate. Other creators price out per deliverable.

My recommendation is to have a baseline rate for one Instagram, a set of stories, a TikTok video, YouTube video, and whatever social platforms you offer.

You can charge for exclusivity

If a brand asks you to refrain from working with a competitive brand or list of brands for a period of time, you can charge for it.

Personally, I had a brand ask me to not work with any brands in its category for 3 months. I negotiated double my rate and agreed to the exclusivity period. I’m glad I increased my rate because I turned down paid brand campaigns during that timeframe.

5 things you can charge for in brand collaborations - influencer tips - how much to charge as an influencer -

You can charge for cross promotion

If you have other platforms outside of Instagram, you can propose to cross promote the content you’re creating. One reason brands hire influencers for campaigns is to increase their touch points (times when a potential customer encounters a brand). If you feel confident that sharing the same reel on TikTok would be helpful to the brand, you can propose it and share your rates.

You can charge for usage

As a creator you aren’t just charging for number of deliverables or your following number, you can also charge for how the content is going to be used beyond the statement of work you have to fulfill. Whether a brand wants to organically repost your photos on their social media channels, or a brand wants to whitelist (put paid dollars behind your post to target a wider audience), you can charge for it.

For example, if a brand wants to use your images for their email newsletters or their website, you can add an additional fee if you’d like. Keep on mind that some brands purchase stock photography to fulfill digital, web, or social media needs. Brands are used to purchasing content for marketing materials and media use. As influencers, we’re in the unique position to be able to create the content, share it on our channels, and then allow brands to repurpose that content.

You can charge a rush fee

If a brand comes to you with a short campaign timeline, you can charge a rush fee as a creator. I typically will charge a rush fee if the brand partnership is less than a two-week notice. Brands and businesses understand paying rush fees for services and products. I would always recommend asking if a brand can accommodate a rush fee if they state in their email that “this campaign has a fast turnaround time.”

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I hope learning 5 things you can charge for in brand collaborations encourages you to increase your rate as a creator or blogger. Remember that the influencer industry is a billion dollar industry. There are brands, public relations agencies, and influencer industries out there who will compensate you and meet your rates!

Thank you for reading!