As a full-time content creator, I’ve learned how important it is to schedule time off social media and work. It’s easy to work non-stop as an influencer and creator because the internet never shuts off. It’s easy to feel like you should keep creating content, taking photos, engaging with your community, etc.

But to maintain a healthy balance of work and life, it’s essential to schedule time off social media – especially if it’s your full-time career or side-hustle. If you aren’t sure whether you should schedule time off social media or not, here share a few significant signs you need a break:

  • If you’re having a hard time concentrating…
  • If you’re getting sick more often or experiencing physical symptoms like headaches or stomachaches…
  • If you’re feeling frustrated, lack energy, or lack motivation…
  • If you’re feeling unfocused…
  • If you’re logging into social media and scrolling and feeling negative feelings…

Being intentional and scheduling time off social platforms, creating, and side-hustling will help you feel happier, healthier, and more balanced.

Why is it important to schedule time off social media as influencers and creators? - influencer tips -

Here are 5 reasons why you should schedule time off your social media platforms as creators and influencers:

Reason 1: You need a mental reset.

Whether it’s one weekend, one day, or one week off, we advocate scheduling time off ahead of time give yourself time to reset mentally. Don’t wait until your body breaks out in hives or your next anxiety attack to finally take time off.

Our brains are like sponges and can only soak up so much information at one time. You have to give your brain a break. Your brain needs time downtime.  

Reason 2: You give yourself a chance to reset your focus.

If you’re starting to feel frustrated or stuck, taking time off can help you reset your focus and gain perspective. Sometimes you have to focus on something else or let yourself do a leisurely activity (walking, catching up with a friend, or journaling) to reset your focus.

Why is it important to schedule time off social media as influencers and creators? - influencer tips -

Reason 3: You’ll feel way more productive and creative when you return to work.

While it might seem like working 7 days a week should make you more productive, it doesn’t. Giving yourself a mental and physical break will help you increase productivity and creativity.

Think about a time when you’ve spent way too long scrolling on Instagram and TikTok. You might have felt drained being online for too long. When you schedule time off, you make time for yourself and give yourself a chance to find inspiration and be creative.

Reason 4: You’ll (hopefully) feel less stressed.

When you change your environment and are mindful and conscious about taking time off, you can help reduce your stress levels. You can interrupt or break a cycle of stress or burnout with scheduled time off.

Reason 5: You need time to reflect and remember your purpose.

If you’re creating content on social media, it’s easy to get in production mode – take photos and videos, edit them, post, engage, and repeat.

By scheduling and taking time off, you give yourself time to reflect on where you’re at in your creative career and if the content you’re creating is aligned with your purpose.

Why is it important to schedule time off social media as influencers and creators? - influencer tips -

Creating content, scheduling time off, and prioritizing your health and well-being take practice. I encourage you to figure out what time off looks like to you and what that schedule should look like. If taking time off scares you, I would recommend starting small. Schedule one afternoon off a week, then one day a week, and then two days a week. Or, if you find that you need one week off every quarter, make sure you take that time off.

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