Can you believe it’s already the fall season? If you’re planning a fall family photo shoot soon, here are 10 fun fall photoshoot ideas to check out.

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons in the Pacific Northwest. The weather cools down, the autumn air feels crisp, and there are many fun things to do in the Greater Seattle area. Fall is also one of my favorite seasons to create content about. I love exploring and capturing photos with my photographer friends, from pumpkin patches to the changing fall foliage. 

Whether you’re planning a fall trip to the Seattle area this fall or planning down your fall photo shoots, here are:

 10 Fun Fall Photoshoot Ideas and Locations

Location 1: Your local apple orchard

Bellewood Farms 6140 Guide Meridian, WA-539, Lynden, WA 98264

I visited Bellewood farms two fall seasons ago and loved it. I recommend making it into a fall weekend getaway if you’re coming from Seattle since Lynden is about 2 hours away from the city.

Here are a few other apple orchards to check out around Western Washington:

Pose 1: Hold a basket of apples at an apple orchard

fall photoshoot ideas - fall photography ideas - autumn photo shoots -

Suppose you’re looking for a fun fall photoshoot for Instagram or for your family. In that case, I recommend visiting a local apple orchard. Walking along the apple trees is fun, and you can capture some great content alone, with a partner, or with your family. 

Pose 2: Throw an apple in the air 

If you’re looking for a little movement in your fall photoshoot, I recommend throwing an apple in the air.


apple orchard photo shoot ideas - fall photo shoot ideas - fall photography ideas - autumn photo shoots -

Pose 3: Cover one eye with an apple

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen this photo and pose. I don’t know why but covering your eye with an apple always turns out cute!

Bellewood Farms in Lynden, WA - how to pose at an apple orchard - apple picking photo shoot ideas - fall activities - apple picking photography - apple picking outfits

Location 2: Fall foliage at your local parks

Greenlake Park 7201 East Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and want to visit an accessible place for photo shoots, head to your local park. Seattle Parks has so many great parks with fall foliage. Greenlake Park is my favorite park for fall photoshoots, but I also recommend checking out:

Pose 4: Sit down with the fall leaves 

If you’re new to taking photos and want to mix up your fall poses, I recommend sitting down with the fall leaves.

Greenlake Seattle - Fall Leaves in Seattle - PNW Fall

Pose 5: Lean against a tree with changing fall foliage

Greenlake Seattle - fall photo shoot ideas - fall photography ideas - autumn photo shoots -

Pose 6: Cover one eye with a leaf

Yes, this is the same pose I mentioned above but just replace the apple with a fall leaf!

Greenlake Park - autumn photo shoot ideas - fall photography ideas - autumn photo shoots -

Location 3: Your local pumpkin patch

Carpinito Bros Pumpkin Patch and Farm

Address: 9276 S 277th St, Kent, WA 98030

If you’re in the Greater Seattle area, I recommend checking out Carpinito Bros Pumpkin Patch and Farm. It’s probably my favorite pumpkin patch in the area. They have a big field of pumpkins, farm animals, a corn maze, and local produce stands. I visit this pumpkin patch with my family every year.

Here are a few other local pumpkin patches I recommend checking out around the Greater Seattle/Tacoma/Snohomish area:

Pose 7: Sit on a pumpkin

Carpinito Bros Pumpkin Patch and Farm - Kent, WA

Pose 8: Hold a stack of pumpkins

Carpinito Bros Pumpkin Patch - pumpkin patches near Seattle -

Pose 9: Lean against a sign 

Carpinito Bros Pumpkin Patch - pumpkin patch photos -

Pose 10: Sit next to the pumpkin displays 

Carpinito Bros Pumpkin Patch -

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