28-week pregnancy update - third trimester - new mom - mom content creator - Seattle mom influencer

I can’t believe I’m entering my 28th week of pregnancy! My second trimester of pregnancy has been a positive experience. I’m shocked how quickly my pregnancy is flying by and realized that I’m due for my 28-week pregnancy update. Here’s how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and what I’m eating during pregnancy so far.

Here is my 28-week pregnancy update

28-week pregnancy update - third trimester - new mom - mom content creator - Seattle mom influencer

How I’m feeling at 28 weeks:

Overall, I’m felt so much better in the second trimester and I’m optimistic entering my third trimester of pregnancy. I struggled with nausea and fatigue my first trimester. So much so that my little sister thought I was depressed before I told her I was pregnant.

The last three months have been a balance of me figuring out the balance of work, health, relaxing, and attending appointments.

Working out during the 2nd trimester:

I’m so grateful for my energy to come back during my second trimester because it’s allowed me to continue to be active. I’m still walking my dog and prioritizing movement every day. Whether I go on a 2-mile run or go to the gym with Brandon, I make sure I do at least 30 min of exercise each day.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy:

Aside from working out, I’ve also been going to physical therapy once a week. I originally started going to physical therapy because of my pelvic floor. At 16 weeks, I was experiencing intense pain in my right hip and tailbone. I decided to seek out a pelvic floor physical therapist early because I was surprised how much pain I was already experiencing, and I wasn’t even showing at 16 weeks.

I’m so grateful I chose to go to physical therapy. I’ve learned so much about how your pelvic floor works and how my challenge was to learn how to relax my pelvic floor. I’ve been doing daily stretches for my pelvic floor. I’ve also been able to address other pregnancy pains as the baby and my stomach has grown throughout the pregnancy.

pregnancy update - third trimester - new mom - mom content creator - Seattle mom influencer

Work (Emma’s Edition & Creative Edition Podcast)

Additionally, with the boost of energy, I’ve been able to work more than I did during the first trimester. I’ve focused more on the Creative Edition podcast. I’ve been interviewing guests every month and pitching podcast sponsors. I’ve also been doing local travel – exploring new places to eat in Bellevue and things to do in Seattle. Here are a few interviews I’ve done this season:

Recommended Books:

As a planner, I like to be as prepared as possible as I enter the next stage of life. I’ve been reading lots of different books both for pregnancy and my well-being. If you’re currently pregnant or expecting to get pregnant in the future, here are a list of books I recommend:

As I wrap up the second trimester with the 28 week pregnancy update, here are a few things that’s top of mind as I enter the third trimester:

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Signing up for classes

Aside from reading all the books, I’ve also signed Brandon and I for both birthing and breastfeeding classes. I’m so grateful that our hospital offers a range of classes to take during pregnancy. One of my friend’s just had her baby three weeks ago and she said her breastfeeding and birth class helped her and her husband so much.

Inquiring about postpartum doulas

Lastly, I feel a little bit late to the game about this…but I finally sent email inquiries out to postpartum doulas. I was going back and forth whether I wanted a birth doula, or a postpartum doula the last two months and I decided that we’ll need the most support for the fourth trimester.

The thought of the hospital just sending Brandon, me, and the baby home without additional support just blows my mind. While I’ll have my in-laws help the first few weeks, I think having a certified professional who can help with the baby will help the entire household.

Planning the baby shower

I’m so excited that my friend Liz from Otsu Events and I are planning the baby shower for this month. The official theme is Baby on Board. I’ve completed my baby registry on the Babylist and sent out the digital invites to friends and family.

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I hope you enjoyed my 28-Week Pregnancy Update! Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates.

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