I’m officially 32 weeks pregnant! And I’m sharing what’s on my third-trimester checklist for my last two months of pregnancy.

My third trimester checklist - 32 weeks pregnant - last trimester of pregnancy - pregnancy journey

I can’t believe I’m officially in my third trimester of pregnancy. My first trimester dragged on and my second trimester flew by. As I’m counting the weeks until the baby arrives, I also check things off my pregnancy list. While I know some people have probably figured out these details, here is my third trimester checklist:

1. Continue going to pelvic floor physical therapy.

I started going to pelvic floor physical therapy after 16 weeks. I was experiencing hip and tailbone pain before I was even showing. So, I found a pelvic floor physical therapist early in my pregnancy. I used to go every week, but I’ve adjusted my schedule to attend physical therapy every other week.

We’ve expanded to working other pregnancy pains and I’ve learned different exercises to continue to engage my core while my belly and the baby grow. While seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist wasn’t originally on my third trimester checklist, I’m so glad it is!

2. Attend childbirth classes

I’m so grateful that Brandon and I completed two childbirth and delivery classes. I had no idea about the different stages of labor or the 4-1-1 contractions to look out for. I also had no idea the baby moves in different positions while traveling through the vaginal canal. While there were uncomfortable moments during class (a.k.a. keeping my eyes open during the c-section video), it was helpful for me to see the labor process.

3. Attend breastfeeding classes

Like childbirth classes, I’m so grateful Brandon and I took a breastfeeding class. I learned about the “let down” and how milk production is a 3-day demand and supply cycle. I also appreciated learning the early cues of a hungry infant; including paying attention to when their mouths open, turn their heads, and stretch. Additionally, Brandon and I learned how important skin-to-skin contact is for both partners.

If you live in the Greater Seattle area, I recommend checking out Swedish Hospital’s list of child birth and parenting classes for expecting parents.

My third trimester checklist - 32 weeks pregnant - last trimester of pregnancy - pregnancy journey

4. Line up a postpartum doula

If it’s in your budget and you need help during the fourth trimester (newborn stage), I highly recommend lining up a postpartum doula. I’ve only heard great experiences lining up a postpartum doula for extra support as the birthing parent recovers and the family figures out a new rhythm with the baby.

Brandon and I are fortunate to have his parents stay with us after I give birth this summer. But even with extra help in the house, I decided to line up a postpartum doula to check on us once a week for the first four weeks. Here are my reasons why I wanted to line up a postpartum doula:

  • I wanted an experienced professional in newborn care – like feeding, infant soothing, etc. I know I’ll like the expert support and want someone Brandon and my in-laws can go to for questions.
  • After labor and delivery, I wanted to lay out my support plan and team.
  • I wanted to schedule rest times for the entire family. I’m grateful we’ll have one a day week for everyone to either ask questions or take naps.

5. Select the right breast pump for you and get fitted for the correct size flanges

I had no idea what a breast pump flange was until I grabbed dinner with a friend (also a new mom) who struggled with breastfeeding and pumping. You aren’t alone if you’ve never heard of a breast pump flange before. A breast pump flange is part of getting the right breast pump.

A flange is essentially the plastic piece that fits directly over your nipple. Having the correct size flange creates a seal around the areola and a vacuum that gently draws milk out of your breast.

Since this is my first baby and my first time preparing for breastfeeding and pumping, I decided to take my friend’s advice and schedule an appointment with Nurturing Expressions. I met with a pumping consultant who walked me through the different breast pump models and fitted me with the correct breast pump flange. They helped me select a mobile Spectra breast pump that was covered by my insurance.

I plan on also visiting them after giving birth to ensure I set up my breast pump machine correctly. I’m so grateful I went to Nurturing Expressions – I would have found shopping for a breast pump overwhelming. Additionally, I had no idea that getting fitted for the correct flange size was going to be on my third trimester checklist, but I’m glad I was able to do so!

6. Order breastfeeding bras

As I started shopping for maternity workout clothes, I realized I also needed new bras. I didn’t know that there were maternity bras/breastfeeding bras. I’ve linked the breastfeeding bras I’m trying out on my Amazon storefront.

Macadons in Renton, WA

7. Order furniture for the nursery (if you haven’t done so yet)

We’ve been renovating the house in the last few weeks, so I’m behind on putting the nursery together. We have the crib and changing table, but I still need to order a nursery glider, an ottoman, and a dresser. I’ll keep the nursery furniture minimal since the baby will sleep in our room for the first six months (recommended by the AAP to prevent SIDS).

I highly recommend reading Your Perfect Nursery if you’re an expecting parent who must also get the nursery done.

8. Pack your hospital bag

I can’t believe it’s that time to pack my hospital bag! I started packing my bag slowly because I didn’t want to be too overwhelmed towards the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Check out the Bump’s Hospital Bag checklist if you need a place to start.

I knew we needed an approved infant car seat, but I didn’t realize that the baby would need a coming home outfit and my outfit to go home. I also just learned that I should pack maternity underwear and bras!

9. Plan your maternity photo shoot.

Since I’m shooting with my photographer friends almost every other week or every three weeks, I feel like I’m getting plenty of maternity photo shoots. However, I still need to plan a maternity photo shoot for Brandon and me.

10. Fill out essential forms ahead of time

I have not done this yet. But I need to look up how to apply for a social security number for the baby and how to get the baby’s birth certificate. I’ve been given several forms to review during my last OBGYN appointments, and I need to get through them in the next few weeks. Some of the documents I need to check include:

  • Washington State Birth Information Form
  • Birth Certificate Worksheet
  • Postpartum Plan
  • Birth Preferences Form
My third trimester checklist - 32 weeks pregnant - last trimester of pregnancy - pregnancy journey

What’s on your third trimester checklist?

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