• 6 Internship Tips to Take With You This Summer

    Hands in Photos – what do I do with my hands in photos – where to put your hands in photos – where to put hands when taking a picture – posing hands in portraits – how to post like a fashion blogger – how to post like a blogger – posing tips – how to pose for photos

    I loved being a college intern so much that I had four internships in college. My first internship came fall of my sophomore year of college. I was a fundraising/special events intern for Providence O’Trees at Providence Mount St. Vincent in West Seattle. During that internship, I had joined INROADS, an organization dedicated to helping […]

  • 4 Early Career Mistakes I Made as a New Grad

    Early career mistakes as a new grad – what are the biggest career mistakes you should avoid – major career mistakes to avoid – career mistakes in your 20s

    My first year out of college was a whirlwind of lessons – I failed, I cried, and I eventually conquered. I had moved to Southern California a month after graduation and started my career in a sales associate role with PepsiCo. I made every mistake in the book so today I wanted to share four […]

  • 10 Tips for Finding a Job After College

    10 tips to help you find a job after college - how to find a job after college - finding a job after college is hard - finding a job out of college reddit

    I entered my senior year of college with a clear goal in mind: to get a job after college. I had wrapped up my second internship with the Boeing Company and wasn’t extended an immediate offer right at the start of the school year. Since fall quarter in the business school is recruiting season, I […]