• 10 Steps to Figure Out Your Next Step in Your Career

    When I think of career defining moments, I like to think of the positive ones. Things like getting a promotion, starting a new role, and receiving a bonus all come to mind. However with all those positive moments come the struggles and adversity. And there is one experience I can’t ignore that challenged and forced […]

  • Let’s Talk About Money #CloseTheGap

    money talk - close the gender pay gap

    How much money do you make? How many student loans do you still have? How much do you charge for a blog post? Did these two questions make you cringe? Well it also made me cringe a little thinking about asking you personally how much money you make. This is no surprise because we’ve been […]

  • Believe, Know, and Ask for Your Value #CloseTheGap

    ask for your value - gender pay gap campaign - UW communication leadership

    Why you should ask for your value: At the beginning of fall, I decided to leave my finance rotation program to become a permanent project manager for my team. I’ve already worked two different finance roles and I feel like project management is a better fit for me. I believe I can continue to bring […]