• The Gender Pay Gap is NOT a Myth #CloseTheGap

    how to close the gender pay gap - women communication strategies - gender pay gap is not a myth

    What is the #CloseTheGap Campaign? The #CloseTheGap Campaign is a 3 day social media campaign to bring awareness to the Gender Pay Gap. The #CloseTheGap campaign aims to equip women with communication strategies to help them become more confident money and the value they bring to the workplace. The #CloseTheGap Campaign is my communication challenge/research […]

  • My Grad School Research Project: The Gender Pay Gap

    Women in business - Gender Pay Gap - UW Communication Leadership - Communication Challenge

    Hi everyone, Welcome back to Emma’s Edition! Instead of my usual style or lifestyle posts, I wanted to share with you today my communication challenge/research project that I’ve been working on this past fall quarter in graduate school. I decided to focus on the gender pay gap. My main research question that I’ve been working […]

  • How to Find a Career Mentor

    Do you have a mentor to talk to about your career? Or are you looking for one? Atmy first internship at Boeing, my team paired me with my mentor. She helped me find the bathrooms, the cafeteria, and also led me through my team’s processes. I got to shadow her all summer long and by […]