• My Third Trimester Checklist

    My third trimester checklist - 32 weeks pregnant - last trimester of pregnancy - pregnancy journey

    I’m officially 32 weeks pregnant! And I’m sharing what’s on my third-trimester checklist for my last two months of pregnancy. I can’t believe I’m officially in my third trimester of pregnancy. My first trimester dragged on and my second trimester flew by. As I’m counting the weeks until the baby arrives, I also check things […]

  • Baby on Board Baby Shower Highlights 

    Baby on board baby shower - baby shower highlights - Seattle baby shower

    We celebrated our baby shower this month! Here are the highlights of our Baby on Board baby shower. A few weeks ago, we had our friends and family gather in our home to celebrate our baby on the way. We had balloons, Hawaiian/Filipino food, and plenty of desserts. I’m grateful we were able to spend […]

  • 28-Week Pregnancy Update

    pregnancy update - third trimester - new mom - mom content creator - Seattle mom influencer

    I can’t believe I’m entering my 28th week of pregnancy! My second trimester of pregnancy has been a positive experience. I’m shocked how quickly my pregnancy is flying by and realized that I’m due for my 28-week pregnancy update. Here’s how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and what I’m eating during pregnancy so far. Here […]