• My Campus Style: It’s Electric (Blue)!

    Like any other girl on campus, I love my leggings. And what’s not to love? Leggings are comfortable and can be paired with running shoes or boots. They’re always such a great break from jeans. So here’s why I’m loving my electric blue leggings: Reason #1: They’re so bold and edgy but still as comfortable […]

  • My Campus Style: Casual College Prep

    Nick Bentley Photography  Location: Husky Union Building at the University of Washington  What are the three things that make up Casual College Prep? Green, Jean, & Boot. First, lets talk about the Green for green pants. Whether a light pair of green pants or a dark pair of green pants, green pants are the way […]

  • My Campus Style

    What is My Campus Style? My Campus Style is going to be a 5 Part Series showcasing what you’ll find me wearing on campus and where my favorite spots are at. I’ll be highlighting key pieces of my wardrobe that support my college life style.You’ll be seeing lots of layers, secondhand pieces, and boots soon! […]