• Introducing: The Call to Culture Project

    What is culture; But a means to express what makes us people, What unites us as a community, And what brings meaning to everyday life – E. Cortes I was called to create a project centered on identity, culture, and fashion. I’m called to reflect and understand what makes me who I am. I’m a […]

  • A Sister Beauty Day with Kennedy Skincare

     Sister Days My little sister Angelica and I like to schedule “sister days”. We started scheduling sister days a year or so ago because we both started getting busier. We’ll go to the movies, go shopping, or eat sushi for our sister days. There are no boyfriends, husbands, or parents who come along. It’s just […]

  • Seattle’s Most Instagrammable Walls

    Are you looking for the “Most Instagrammable Walls” in Seattle? If so, this post is for you.  Holly (my photographer/friend) and I spent a day driving around Seattle to put this incredible Seattle City Wall Guide/ Seattle’s Most Instagrammable Walls for you guys! I hope this blog post is helpful to anyone coming to visit Seattle […]