30th Birthday

  • Lessons I’ve Learned from My 20s: Bet on yourself

    Lessons from my 20s - 30th birthday reflections - 30th birthday photo shoot - bet on yourself

    I turned 30 years old this month and I’ve been reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned in my 20s. I’ve discussed owning your own financial narrative. I’ve also talked about stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing your passions. This week I’m sharing my experience learning how to bet on myself. In 2020, the […]

  • 8 Fun 30th Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas

    Are you celebrating your 30th birthday soon? Happy early birthday! I recently celebrated my 30th birthday and wanted to share a few 30th birthday photo shoot ideas. I’m celebrating my 30th birthday this month! I put together a few unique photo shoot ideas for my blog, Instagram, and TikTok. I loved getting dressed up and […]