• 7 Tips You Can Use to Write Great Instagram Captions

    Great Instagram captions – how to write great Instagram captions – write good captions for Instagram – good Instagram captions – what to write on Instagram captions – write words on Instagram – Instagram tips and tricks

    Have you ever pulled up Instagram with a photo you’re ready to share but have no idea what to write as the caption? I have. And as blogger who shares at least one Instagram post a day, writing great captions is one of my priorities. While some people may argue that people don’t even read […]

  • 12 Last Minute Gift Guide Ideas for Your Friends

    Last minute gift ideas for her – last minute gifts for Christmas – holiday gift ideas for your friends – holiday gift ideas – gift guides 2019 – holiday gift guides 2019

    Are you done Christmas shopping? Do you need last minute gift guide ideas? For once in my life, I’m almost done Christmas shopping BEFORE Christmas Eve. I still have a few people on my list so I wanted to share a few gift ideas that I’m thinking of buying this Christmas. Whether your friends are […]

  • What it’s like to be a Blogger in 2018

    What does it mean to be a blogger in 2018 – blogger in 2018 – blogging tips and tricks – behind the scenes of blogging – behind the scenes blog post – behind the scenes of social media

    I never dreamed of being a blogger. I never dreamed of filing as business or becoming a content creator. In fact, I chose to go to business school. I chose to work for fortune 50 companies. I chose a very traditional career (a project manager) and a very traditional industry (aerospace). While I’ve enjoyed my […]