• The Grad Dress: A New Beginning

    Holly Phan Photography These past two months have been an absolute whirlwind of excitement, sadness, happiness, goodbyes, and hellos. I haven’t been able to really catch my breath until recently. And now everything is starting to sink in. So here’s a post solely dedicated to what this Grad Dress means to me; A New Beginning. […]

  • The Floral Jumper Dress

     Holly Phan Photography The Floral Dress Jumper:  Lately I’ve been seeing one of my favorite childhood pieces come back into the fashion scene: the jumper/overalls. At first, I was apprehensive about bringing this trend into my wardrobe. But once I discovered this dress in Marshalls I realized that the jumper trend didn’t need to come […]

  • Think Mint

    Holly Phan Photography One of my favorite things about summer is the warm embrace the sun and bright colors into my wardrobe. Being a Seattleite, the tones of my style and outfits completely go with the seasons. In winter, I’m in blacks, greys, and dark greens. In spring, I find life in pinks and prints. […]